All patients receive a nutritional advice before discharge from the hospital by expert dietician nurses. This comprises explorations and suggestions how to deal at best with the changed anatomical and pathophysiological situation after partial or total resection of the esophagus or stomach. This consultation can also be repeated ambulant after discharge. A postoperative rehabilitation can be organized directly during the hospital stay by our experienced staff. The tumor related follow-up checks can be performed in the hospital or near the residence of the patient.

Prof. Hölscher has written together with other authors the “Blaue Ratgeber” on Esophageal Cancer (brochure 13) for the German Cancer Aid. This adviser booklet as well as those entitled “Gastric Cancer” (Nr. 7), “Nutrition for cancer patients” (Nr. 46), “Support for Relatives” (Nr. 42) and as many other brochures on cancer diseases can be ordered at the “German Cancer Aid” in the internet or by fax +49-228-7299-011 without costs. These booklets offer important medical informations and addresses for support of patients and relatives. All these can be seen in the internet under

As chairman of the Department of General, Visceral and Cancer Surgery of the University of Cologne (1996-2016) Prof. Hölscher has initiated together with Prof. Bollschweiler the self support group of patients for those with esophageal diseases. This is maintained by very experienced and active former patients. Under www.speiserö as well as you can get important informations and advice.

Prof. Hölscher was a co-worker of the first German guideline on “Diagnostics and Treatment of adenocarcinomas of the stomach and the esophagogastric junction”. This S3-guideline has bee actualized in 2019 (see AWMF online, das Portal der wissenschaftlichen Medizin). Prof. Hölscher is member of the working group German S3-guideline “Diagnostics and treatment of squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the esophagus”. This guideline has been actualized in 2018 (see AWMF online).

A guideline especially designed for patients on esophageal cancer and another one on gastric cancer can be loaded in the internet under